Yinks; Rapper & Hiphop Business Executive Taking Over South African Music

We sat down with Ghanaian born South African rapper and business executive Yinks as he shares his insight about the music industry in South Africa in an exclusive interview.

Name Of Artist


Have Any of Your Music Been Published

Yes my debut LP in stores Worldwide

What is your background? Tell us about your recent awards story in South Africa

Originally from Ghana, I left there when I was 19 to Southern Africa. The South has been the power behind my brand so it’s my home now. I won an award at the annual Ghana Awards South Africa in the category excellence in entertainment since am an all-round musician and at the same time music Business executive.

Why do you write and release your own music

Because I want to put my own content out so I hardly let anyone write for me.

Who is your audience fan/customer?

The hiphop fans, the streets, the fans about lifestyle.

What is your music about? What specific themes do they cover?

Am all about lifestyle music, good feel music, trap music; I do music for the streets and clubs.

Who are your early influences?

I looked up to Nas a lot growing up and must admit Birdman and Ross are very inspiring .I like how they engage in entrepreneurship and build brands.

How do you describe your music to the people?

Flashy And Trappy

How do you define the word success?

Being able to grow from stage one to stage two as well as helping others

In case one needs to contact you, drop your links here. Fans are waiting to hear your music

Facebook: Yinks

Instagram: @yinksofficial

Twitter: @YinksOfficial

So what project are you working on in 2019?

Well ,Currently I have a new single out called I Don’t Mind , Currently trending on the streets worldwide. It’s the 3rd single from my upcoming Ep 3000ce.I featured renowned vocalist Gemi Mchugo and Tacit.

Interesting ,So where can fans get the single?

Currently on Soundcloud, Audio Mack, datafilehost for free but in stores soon. Simply visit my fan page on FB Yinks to get links.

Any upcoming shows?

Yes , Currently working on  a Southern Africa tour this year for my upcoming Ep album. So that’s what am currently working on ,a tour.

Do you wish to collaborate with any Kenyan artists? Or do shows in Kenya?

I have been following Kenyan music for long and looking forward to doing shows and business there. I like camp mullah definitely want do something with them one of these days as well as working with the 64hiphop label into building Kenyan music industry.

Are you independent or sign to any major label?

I am independent , signed to my own label called Boss Brain Entertainment distributed by one of the hottest distribution companies in Africa called L.I Music Distribution.