WillX BOY Brings Kenyan Music On Another Level With His New Single

Nairobi, KEWillX BOY is thrilled to announce the release of the latest WTD single. Suave, melodious and eccentric are the description that defines the talented 26year old independent vocalist from Nairobi, KE William Kojwang commonly known as WillX BOY. His genres are dominantly Hip-hop, Dancehall and Afro-pop but brings diversity to another level.

WTD (What’s The Deal) is a chill, romantic Afro-pop written in Swahili expressing the idea of ‘puppy love’ between a newly dating couple that sounds like an Afro and Hip-hop fusion but with influence from Retro R&B.WillX BOY demonstrates his tight flows in English and Swahili contributing his inspiration with the beat produced by Lemario.

The song was inspired by a date which turned into deep romantic interest and grew to nights of texting and flirting. He takes you through the midset of the guy in the scenario.

‘Nai Ni Ocha’, ‘Steam’ little to mention are some of his big singles yet. He has had a major collaboration featuring in Caden Jester’s single ‘Serpiente’ which has so far acquired over 798k Spotify plays and was top 10 in the top viral Spain chart. His latest single “WTD” promises to be an attention grabber as his focus is to grow his music to a global audience and be the new household brand in an ever-growing music industry.

64hiphop staff

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