Ugandan Music Producer Speaks About His Record Label In Exclusive Interview

Meet Gesta Johns, a Ugandan music producer and CEO of Cross Border Records. He speaks exclusive to 64hiphop about his career, and this is his story.

Who is (name of artist/band)? Tell us your story.

Gesta johns A video and audio music producers C.E.O Cross Border Records famously known as CXB studios.Been in  industry  now eight years making it from under ground. I do film shooting and edition my movie making career advanced after making two inspirational movies TEAR DROPS which featured Kenyan actors of Gutuka Dance crew and MESSED UP which featured two Swedish famous artists Chris and Sarah acted in western region of Kenya and eastern region of Uganda respectively.

What is the inspiration behind that led you towards this career?

De church musical mixing skills i attained in Sunday school as the junior choir  sound engineer inspired me to gap the demand of sound engineers with a ratio of 1:1000 of producers to artists.

Define the state of the industry in your area/town.

Eastern Border region of Uganda is full of talented uprising artists who are promising to hit the chats when they get chances of serious music promoters and advanced media houses around the region. Most artists in my region do sing Afrobeat and ragga dancehall with view cases of hiphop and RnB their target is the local market before hitting the international levels.

Who are some of the people you have worked with? Any recent projects undertaken.

Haf worked with most top famous members of big talent famous artists like Geosteady and Gavanah, the late Ak 47 chameleon’s young brother, Tabby chacha promising serious gospel artist from kenya and Georgelio kenya, Olivia from Rwanda, Fairman,Reazy, then many uprising talented artists like shiren and Hez B kenya, Trigger, GB2, Daga Maknon, Ken j,young Meso,Philly weedy, Saliman Tanzania, Ryda Avidella Ug, Badman Wicked, Rich p, Nelly candivillie,Mick Ting, Sinyo T,Taakah, Bahati Doreen,Nb baro,Magin Joramz, and many others I cant recall all from different countries. Currently am having 4 hits doing greatly dats oneday by geosteady,Gavanah ft home boys soon to video,Yesu nibwana by Doreen,Report ya Mungu by Tabby chacha video already out, You and I by Maknon Daga and another big allstar featuring Ugandaz uprising established stars Melody, Reazy and Fairman

Any challenges faced in your line of work? Do you see room for improvement.

I get big challenges with starter upcoming artists they need more time of guidance and shouting to them to be able to make good outputs comparable to products of established artists and my dream is to concentrate on big artists in two years time my aim of beginning from underground wanted to study the real challenges upcoming artists face but with 8years of experience I believe I can handle all levels of artists.

Who is your target market?

Secular artists majoring in western styles and African music styles of origin and gospel artists who do modern styles and choirs.

Future plans; where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Being based at the border of Uganda and Kenya I believe to built a big music production base where all East African celebrities will be meeting for their international collabos.

If  you were a car, what type would you be, and why?

Grader. I hustle all kinds of music works slow but sure.

What is your partying shot for those looking upon you?

All rising artists music is not magic getting to top you don’t need to be an illuminati de way people lie but is all about hardworking sticking to the producer who knows you better do more of research and don’t imitate anyone style be yourself give the producer all the required time to do your project be patient trust mi you gonna be a big star

How can we find you. Drop your contacts here.

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