Tough Klan; BreEder LW Speaks To 64hiphop In Exclusive Interview

Breeder is LW is a Kenyan rapper based in Nairobi. 64hiphop caught up with the rapper as he shares his insights and story behind his music.

When did you start doing music—and what or who were your early passions and influences?

Music has been my passion since when I was young. I was introduced by my big bro called Kreecher, who was a big fan of Eminem and Esir. He used to have compilation of Ogopa deejays greatest Krupt. The likes of Jua cali. During the teen years we would listen much to lil wayne. Fast forward in 2012 I started listening more of Octopizzo. He really inspired me to begin doing rap music.

2018 has been a promising time for Kenyan hiphop, what has been your ultimate experience

My ultimate experience is when I got to perform for the first time at the 5th edition of Unkut Cypher hosted by Miss Ruby. Everything was great and the fans loved the music. Another one was my debut album KUOSA which has always got a lot of accolades. Also sign ups from big ones like Tedd Josiah, Khaligraph Jones, Kayvo Kayforce, who have recognized my work and appreciated my skills big time.

Your style and unique in rap makes you one of the most promising hiphop artistes in 2019, what is your motivation?

My motivation is just life. Being able to wake in the mooring alive and you can see the day through. The future is what motivates me and music is unbelievable, since it entails how my future going be great. My family, my life, my dreams, aspiration are what motivates me all along.

Your latest album has seen steady success over time, what is your secret behind composing your own music.

I write my music according to my experience, or other peoples experiences, I write music and sing about real life, real stories and being myself makes me be authentic, original, and people love it. I write using sheng which is related to a lot of young people in my hood. I write music that people can relate to in their day to day activities.

Who is your fan?

My fan is someone who support my music, buys, comment, shares my music. Someone who give either positive or negative feedback. Someone who approaches me and tells me how good my music is. Someone who is convinced through my music and have that connection within and get the message behind it. I still don’t make money since my fan base is growing but I thank all fans who support me in either way of my music career.

How would you describe and rate of Kenyan hiphop music and how important is it in terms its growth?

Hiphop music is one of the most influential genres in Kenya. Some of the most top earning artistes have an affiliation to hiphop. Look at Naiboi, Nyashinski, Khaligraph Jones, Octopizzo, all have an affiliation to hiphop. Kenyan hiphop is growing and as young acts comes up and it going to be great ahead. There are lots of music projects that came last year, and it has made the industry grow. A couple of albums were released in Kenya, and it has even surpassed some of the other genres of music.

What are currently your main challenges and ambitions as an artist?

My main challenge is that young Kenyan hiphop artiste has to be exposed and get my music to the people who need to hear the music. We had a debate on line that Kenyan media does not play Kenyan music. My greatest obstacle is reaching out and it is only through the media, as much as there is social media. Getting money to finance my projects, promote marketing are also some of what we face as artists in Kenya, but in due time it shall grow and level up.

Hiphop Music has frequently been attacked for merely expressing opinion. On the other hand, it is precisely personal interest in an artist and/or his work which frequently provides for a stimulus to delve into them in more depth. How would you describe the importance of subjectivity for your composition?

Subjectivity; music is an expression of my feelings, and my perception and me expressing myself. It is very important for artists to have creative freedom or space to convey their feelings. Hiphop allows people to do that easily than any other form of genre of music. it great to be allowed to be free and express what one would like to craft their art without any interference.

What word of advice would you give to young upcoming artistes looking at you?

Put yourself on, do not wait for someone to come for you. You got to chase your dreams and get grinding. Never lose hope the sky is the limit. Ukishindwa kuwinda subiri mzoga.

In case one needs to contact you ,drop your links here. Fans are waiting to hear your music?

@breederlw on all social platforms.