Samaki Mkuu; Kenyan Olympic Swimmer, Media Personality, Rapper & Entrepreneur

His name is Jason Dunford, an all time olympic finalist and now renowned Kenyan musician. Many know him by the name SAMAKI MKUU. His incredible journey from sports to music has been a remarkable one. Here is his story.

You surprised many in 2019 by moving from sports to becoming a musician. Many now know you by the name SAMAKI MKUU, what was the motivation behind the switch?

Your single ‘Mbaya’ featuring Romantico is definitely a club banger. How did the two of you meet to come up with this great single?

How do you rate the Kenyan music industry as compared to their east African counterparts?

Media has always been considered to be the voice of the people. But this is not the case as artistes struggle to get their music on airplay. As Kenyan artiste, what is your take on the narrative of #playkemusic towards media and deejays?

Any major plans on an album, or future collaborations that we can look in to. Tell us more.

What is your take about the recent merger of the collective management organizations (i.e. MCSK, KAMP, PRISK, and also SONGA) to collect royalties. On behalf of artistes, do you believe the money now trickle down to artistes?

What inspires you in life?

Of late, Kenyan music has been getting international recognition among African nations and the world, do you agree. What can be improved to make it better?

I am sure many young people look up to you. What word of encouragement can you give them?

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