Samaki Mkuu Drops New Jua Reggaeton Hit ‘Baila Baila’ Featuring Genge Sensational Jua Cali & Romantico

King of Genge music is back at it again he brings the sauce. Jua Cali got together with reggaeton masterminds from Mexico, Samaki Mkuu and Romantico to realease ‘Baila Baila’.

Suprisingly, this genre is not new territory for the Kenyan hip-hop veteran. It takes really close similarity to the very homely ‘Genge’ we have grown to know. The track is up-beat and fun, a definite club banger.

The set up merges the colourful Kenyan and Mexican cultures with the feel of chilling out at the beach. ‘Baila’ to mean ‘Dance’ in Portuguese , the song does not hold back when it comes to getting down to the beat.

Samaki Mkuu and Romantico’s Kiswahili lines are also simply out of this world. This is a good one.