Reign Of A Prophet by Will-Broad

Reign of A Prophet (#ROAP) was inspired by how most churches these days are all about the money and they are making it. I mean think about it, prophets pull of tactics to get a huge following then milk their congregation for every penny they have, and as a rapper I honestly just want the same, a huge following willing to buy my merch and show up at my shows (/sermons lol) without the milking part of cause. The cover art is purple as the colour has always been associated with royalty and my wish is to become one of the royal greats that the world has come to see and not easily forget and I am represented by the guy in the spot light. The beat was produced by Brandon Maswera who is known by the artist name ‘You Are’ and was engineered by Michael Musekiwa who is also known as VI The Law.

Artist Bio

Will-Broad is a 24 year old Zimbabwean rapper who started his journey in November 2016. The rapper was accustomed to writing RnB songs from the age of 13, but as he grew he took an interest in Hip-Hop. He decided to start rapping when he freestyled for some his friends and they believed he had a future in the genre. Will-Broad started out as a trap artist but was guided to turn to jazz-hop when he started working with Victor Enlisted. Since then, he has focused the sound of his music around jazz and neo-soul, but tries not to restrict himself these genres.

Track Details:

Track Name: Reign Of A Prophet

Pre-order Date: 17 May 2019

Release date: 24 May 2019

Genre: Hip-Hop / Rap

Length: 04:00

Lyrics: clean

Streaming/download link: