Producers Lounge, Check Out 64hiphop Studios

Behind every hit, lies a music producer and recording label behind it. For more than 4 years now, renowned hit music producer and CEO 64hiphop, Evano has managed to revolutionize Kenyan hiphop industry through his creative works and also providing a platform for the people to showcase their works through his media and record company

The recording label is situated in Eldoret City, the home of champions, known for producing world class athletes, politicians and even creatives across Kenya and beyond. 64hiphop not only positions itself as professional recording label and media entity, but a service to the many artists who wish to fulfill their dreams and come true.

When you enter the studio, you will feel the ambiance and get the energy to begin bouncing on a project. More so, your creative element instantly comes to life as you get what you need in your song. Evano has been able to work with the likes of King Kaka, Gnako, Joh Makini, Labalaa, Femi One, and more recently his latest project Kins, who is already taking the Kenyan hiphop industry by storm.

In Eldoret, he has already worked with the likes of Harry Benta, G4J, Vaccine, Karen Wangare, Larry Jacobs, Mpatanishi, just to name a few.

Whatever genre of music that you will be touching, there is always that element of creativity from scratch, and that is what makes music from 64hiphop so unique in the market. However, there is also need to touch base on new sounds that would cut across the divide and ensure every corner of the country feels it.

“besides every challenge, we see an opportunity to even serve more”.