Our Studio

Few studios in Kenya play equally strong roles in preserving the country’s media history and in propelling its media future. 64HIPHOP Studios is one of those special few. The design of 64HIPHOP’s control room and vocal booth connected to the elegant sounding Ballroom transforms it into the versatile tracking room it is today and creating an accurate mix environment for the thriving multiroom facility. 64HIPHOP and a simply awesome music room with a foot stage have become a world renowned scoring studio.

The studio has been involved in dozens and dozens of hit records for a widely diverse clientele. Among the components include a multimedia computer, Behringer B1 Condenser Microphone, Behringer UMX 490 MIDI Keyboard, Behringer Truth 2031A Audio Monitor Speakers, Behringer Firepower FCA 610 Firewire/USB Audio MIDI Interface. The end result is a state-of-the-art, private, recording studio featuring some of the best gear, ranging from the vintage classics to the latest technology, set in a friendly and creative environment.

Our Core business revolves around Sound Recording & Production services. It’s a diverse field that incorporates a lot of technical know-how combined with a clear understanding of the nature of the job. Each job is specific and is tailored to service a specific purpose. With a team of qualified personnel we are able to deliver the best possible service for all your needs. 64HIPHOP provides the following in this diverse field:

Due to Clients Confidentiality with their Projects and Assignments, we do NOT post any works on the internet for the public. Kindly email us at contact@64hiphop.com or 64hiphop@gmail.com for a preview of some of the work we have done.

  • Audio Post Production (Final Mix)
  • Sound Design
  • Production/ Location Sound Recording and Mixing
  • Foley and ADR Recording
  • Audio Restoration and Archiving
  • Audio Mastering
  • Music Composition and Scoring (TV, Radio and Film)
  • Media Consultancy
  • Music Production