One On One With Scracher King

We sat down with Scracher King as he discusses his musical journey, here is the story

Welcome to 64HIPHOP. Introduce yourself to your fans

Scracher kings is a Hiphop artist, producer, scholar in the field of supply chain management (procurement) From Mount Kenya University and An Entrepreneur too.
At what age did you begin your music career?

Started rapping way back in high school (Teremi High school) at the age of 17 with my school mates during preps time and music festivals, but I ventured into music professional in 2013 where I did a couple of tracks way back in Eldoret with Mc Spook, Mc Proto, Havoc and Black Jesus from Sudan. We did a Mixtape then called ‘Sauti Ya Mtaa Mixtape’
You come from Eldoret, define the state of the music industry back in your home town?

I respect Eldoret so much because it made me who I am today in terms of my music career, that’s where I started my professional journey from.
Do you believe that the government and the relevant stake holders in the music industry are doing enough to support Kenyan music?

The government has already played its role but the major problem is the stake holders in the music industry have failed in supporting the local Talents, why do I say so? This is because we got greedy stake holders who are corrupt and want artists to bribe them so as to get airplay. Thanks to Labaala who is supporting new cats in Kenyan music industry.
What are some of the challenges you experience as a musician?

Every musician in Kenya faces challenge and currently our main challenge is foreign music is taking over our local industry so it about that time we appreciate our own music #PlayKeMusic
What inspires you to do music at this level?

My past experience inspired me to do music and I also want to entertain the masses.
Any future plans. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

My future plan to Drop my Album ‘Grinding Edge’ which have been working on it since last year, and also I got to expand my record Label Tribe42 studios and support upcoming musicians by signing up the potential ones.

Any word of advice you would like to leave before we close the interview?

my advice is #PlayKeMusic whole day and let’s support Kenyan art.
In case one needs you how can they contact you? Drop your links here.

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