No More Produced by Dijay Karl

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music”

It is said that good music(in the case phenomenon) knows no bounds, and the same can be said for this masterpiece that truly transcends borders… Literally!

No More a product of collaboration between music minds from different nationalities and based in different countries is one that talks about love in a way alien to most audience but captivating and soon addictive.

Instrumentals forged from the fiery furnace of the legendary beat-smith and producer extraordinaire Dijay Karl from Cameroon with numerous hit productions for top Cameroonian artists under his belt including R&B sensation  Chick Nick; Gasha; Ngoma; Daphne; Neglect,  and lyrics laced by Nigerian-born Cameroonian (Rapper/Singer), PasQal with hit singles like Adamant, Eni timba mu, True Stories just to name a few on top Nigeria blogs, radio and Tv stations; No More is definitely that type of song that will last a very long time on your favourite list.


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