Nigerian Sensation Artiste, Omotayo Announces the MILKY WAY EP VOL.1

[Lagos State] – Omotayo is thrilled to announce the release of his latest EP titled MILKY WAY.

At the wake of 2018, he takes us on a journey far into the Galaxy that holds our Solar System “Milky Way” Volume 1

Omotayo first debut song ‘CLOSER’ was released 2013 which featured the talented female rapper Eva Alordiah.

He has since been steadfast in churning out pure hybrid RnB and Soul music.  We loved his Heartbreak & Love Songs EP which many have described as ‘a collector’s item’.

It has songs like LOJOSI to keep us dreamy and lost in an eternity of thoughts. Omotayo lives through every note and his falsetto will give Maxwell a run for his money, as he has done in a cover of ‘This Woman’s Work”.

Omotayo describes the “Milky Way” experience as a transcendent journey that elevates you from earth, travelling through light years on a roller coaster ride to the edge of the universe.

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