Newcomer Izzy Heralds The Start Of A New African Hiphop Era With His Debut EP

ip Hop artist Izzy is set to release his debut EP rightly titled “Out of the Shadows” on the 9th of July as the product of a lifelong dream put into works through a six months process requiring every bit his Songwriting and rapping adroitness, to put out an act of self-discovery through music. Being a talented upstart independent artist, his work speaks of the emotional roller coaster that passionate young artists like himself go through in every aspect of life.
Out of the Shadows is available on release at
About the Artist: (Izzy) Israel Sesugh Akpera is a Nigerian born, Kenyan based rapper and songwriter that has been fascinated by the expressive nature of music since his earlier days. Gaining interest in the art form at the age of 9 when he was introduced to the drum kit. His major inspiration comes from his experiences and his older brother, also a rapper who built up his passion for music even further with performances in school and at social gatherings. Since the days of that 9yrs boy, his craft has grown into an expression of what it means to be human from his
perspective. His Conscious Hip-hop/Rap style sees him take a path with music that is yet to be
truly explored in Africa. With the constant desire and strong work ethic of which Izzy boasts, Out of the Shadows seems like just the beginning of what promises to be a brilliant musical career.