Newbie D’iyi Are’s Debut EP Signals A Breath of Fresh Air in African Hip Hop

Hip Hop artist D’iyi Are is set to release his debut EP titled “Young Heart” on the 11th of February as the brain child of a two year process involving both his production and artistry skills to bring out an original anecdote told through song. As a multi talented independent artist, his work speaks of the coming of age story of a young artist finding his way both musically and personally. Young Heart is available on release at

About the Artist: D’iyi Robert Are is a Nigerian born, Kenyan based rapper and producer who has been drawn to storytelling through music for years. Falling in love with music and starting the art of rap at the young age of 12, his skill has grown into a full expression of  the world and how he sees it. His biggest inspiration comes from his upbringing, his family members(including his older brother, a fellow producer who opened up the idea of producing and writing to him) and his experience.  His Hip Hop/Rap/Indie infused style sets the stage for a musical catalyst bringing back the art of storytelling in the arena of young music.  Having spent years producing his own tracks as well as writing his lyrics, D’iyi’s sophistication grows daily and “Young Heart” is evidence of that. It is a strong lead for what’s to come from this artist.