New Wave RNB Singer/ Songwriter Donado, Releases His First Single From His Upcoming Debut EP.

The song features singer, 1999 and rapper, Bmixx. It flies above the compasses of a typical RNB song as the perfect marriage between RNB and Hip-hop with a twist of the African Wave. The beat production carefully articulates the new African sound and the vocal diversity carefully crafted by the singers and rapper creates a vulnerability that goes beyond the lyrics.

Every verse has been carefully thought of and written in the attempt of persuading a love interest. This single comes with an interest of falling in love, if you are single or serenading a love interest, if you have one. It’s one of those, “never to forget” melodies lyrically put down that rings in memory; the chorus is catchy and fun, something to sing along.

Singer 1999, brings a different vibe with his verse creating a bridge between his style and that of Donado, as of many features in the RNB genre. On the other hand, Bmixx comes in with his well thought of word play and creates a definite marriage in the different styles each singer has brought to the table.

Being the first single of his debut project, it sets a pace on what we are expecting to hear in the next releases.