New Interactive Show “Hiphop Garage TV” Unveiled To Inspire Next Generation Of Kenyan Hiphop Acts

Hip Hop Garage is an entertainment company that was established and registered in Kenya as Hip Hop Garage Limited in 2012.
It was founded by Paul Muli and Hip Hop artists Shahidi Xcalibur and Kalimani Tha MC to promote, embrace and celebrate the Hip Hop Culture and all its elements.
These inform the company’s mission in the endeavour to fulfill the vision of becoming a leader in Africa to empower and unite society as a whole using culture and the arts.
The company slogan ‘Heart. Passion. Culture’ is a rallying call to us all to stay true to ourselves, our world and humanity at large with all the vigor and verve that life has given us.
Hip Hop Garage TV is a platform that showcases all that Hip Hop has to offer: Rapping, Deejaying, Graffiti art, Dance (B-boying), Beat boxing, language, culture, fashion and entrepreneurship.
Fans, music lovers and culture enthusiasts shall be embroiled in a cocktail of shows, events, performances and festivals in celebration of diversity, intellectual enhancement and promoting the welfare of humanity.
The show is hosted by Shahidi Xcalibur and Kalimani Tha MC and produced exclusively by Poqpine Melvin.