New Digital Music Platform, Tuborg Tunes, To Offer Free DJ Mixes in Partnership With Mdundo

Beer and music have always gone hand in hand, and newly launched beer in Kenya, Tuborg, is no exception. Already a big player in the global music scene, and well on track to being a significant force locally, Tuborg has positioned itself as the main sponsor of the Koroga Festival. 7000 music fans attended the festival in its debut year, with the second iteration taking place the last weekend in July, where Tuborg launched in partnership with Africa’s leading music service Mdundo.

GM of Carlsberg Kenya (Tuborg is owned by Carlsberg), Mads Galsgaard: “We are very proud to be able support the Kenyan Music Community, we support big festivals, upcoming bands and now also free music to the people. We are all about giving people a great experience when enjoying Kenyan, African and International music… preferably with a cold Tuborg.”

The platform gives all music lovers an opportunity to listen to and download newly released music, curated playlists from the Koroga Festival and unique DJ mixes free of charge. The DJ mixes are only available using a voucher code from Tuborg’s on-ground activations in Nairobi or from Tuborg’s social media pages (IG @tuborgke, FB Tuborg). During the launch weekend of the platform at the Koroga Festival, almost 10,000 songs were downloaded from the new platform.

CEO of Mdundo, Martin Nielsen adds, “We are very pleased with this partnership and the popularity of the music available. Most brands in Kenya understand the value of music but few brands have been willing to invest in music as a long-term brand affiliation. We believe that this initiative will have a significant impact for Tuborg’s establishment in Kenya and benefit the local music scene.”

Both partners state that this is not a short term strategy, the platform is here to stay, and many of Tuborg’s future marketing activities will be linked to the Kenyan music scene.

About Mdundo

Mdundo is one of Africa’s biggest music services with almost 2 million monthly active users from across the continent. The music service has in the past 3 years grown to include music from 40,000 African musicians and it is the easiest and cheapest way to access African music. With offices across East Africa, the service is well positioned in the region. The objective for the young company is to provide music lovers with easy and affordable access to music as well as kill illegal piracy of music in Africa.

About Tuborg

Tuborg is a smooth lager made for global exploration with roots in exporting both lager and music culture throughout the world, present in more than 70 countries around the world. Tuborg has been empowering music for generations, and is on track to becoming Kenyas music brand number 1.