Medusa Kenia – The Inkofabulous Tape

Medusa Kenia is a rap duo consisting of Phanuel Omondi a.k.a FabioHood and Vincent Inkosi a.k.a Inkosi Ingosi.

It was formed in 2015 while they were in Campus (Meru University) together.

Even though FabioHood is from Eldoret and Inkosi Ingosi from Nairobi, they still manage to make it work. They are mainly based in Nairobi.

This is their first full length project together. It has a total of 18 tracks with one being a bonus to introduce Inkosi Ingosi’s upcoming solo project, Desperate Measures.

They are not slowing down any time soon as they are already gearing up for their second project with each of them also working on major solo projects.

So far, they have written over 200 songs together and they can’t wait to share them with the world.

They are not happy with how the frontiers are running the game so they are here to take over.

You can find the mixtape and more music on their YouTube channel and FabioHood’s Soundcloud.

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