Mdundo Partners With Kompakt Recordz to Launch Music Competition

Mdundo in partnership with Kompakt Recordz is officially launching Next Level Production. This is a project focused on sponsoring three upcoming artists with a fully paid for, professional audio production for an original track each.

Nairobi April 2019: This comes in the wake of music services campaigning to support talented artists struggling to break through the glass. The conversation behind #PlayKe has also seen artists in alternative music spaces voicing their challenge in financing quality music production so as to compete  favourably alongside mainstream acts. Mdundo has paid attention to the fact that the quality of production is also a major consideration for consumers looking to discover new acts.

‘Having to experience one on one interaction with artists on a daily; it is quite clear that we have really good musicians in Kenya who just need a little support to reach their full potential. Especially financially.`says Christine Nekoye, Artists Support Manager at Mdundo.

The project will be a competition running on online social platforms. Contestants are required to  meet certain criteria as listed below:
– Must be on Mdundo
– Must have at least three songs on the platform
– Must have between 200 to 1000 downloads for the past month (March 2019)

Willing participants will be required to sign up officially by filling the Mdundo Next Level Application Form. If they meet the requirements listed above, they make it to the final stage.

Here, the shortlisted contestants will be contacted and advised to upload a one minute music clip on their preferred social sites. Music fans being the most important determinant of an artist’s success; the 3 contestants (from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with the highest number of Likes on their video, scoop the opportunity to have a fully paid for audio recording production.

This could be the big break for three extremely talented acts, who the world has not gotten a chance to hear from yet. The project is set to kick off on Wednesday 10th April, 2019.

Schedule Breakdown

10th April, 2019 –  22nd April, 2019

Artists sign up via Mdundo Next Level Application Form .

23rd April, 2019

Contestants who have met the requirements mentioned above will be contacted and given a guide on the next level of the competition.

24th April, 2019 – 29th, April, 2019

Successful contestants upload their clips on preferred social media platforms and market themselves to get as many likes on their upload as possible.

30th April, 2019

The winners will be announced via official Mdundo Social Sites. They will then be contacted and guided through their production.

What’s At Stake?

  1. One fully and professionally produced original audio track by Kompakt Records; one of Kenya’s most acclaimed music production powerhouses.
  2. Photo shoot and Graphics design for track branding.
  3. Mini-marketing campaign on all Mdundo Social Sites.