Love Me Is A Perfect Perfect Duet.

Coming down to how this song makes us feel, we have to acknowledge the promising future of this two singers in the music industry. The soothing dark sounds and the laid down yet provocative lyrics brings satisfaction to any RNB fan. The perfectly crafted lyrics poetically set to sooth a love interest not forgetting the purpose of the set mood.

Talk about candles, wine or Hennessy as clearly said by Donado, this is the perfect accompaniment to any date especially the one after midnight. The singers manipulate the audience with a mood set by their vocal delivery. We have to acknowledge the vocal powerhouse in this song, the carefully laid out vocal layering and harmonies, the blend between the two voices makes this single a must repeat.

We cannot ignore the pen game laid out on this single. The lyrical ability and delivery of each verse makes you want to here what is coming next. Donado has  out done himself and as a fan, I am here for it.Aglaeta brings in the perfect picture with her mixture of English and Burundian. Her seductive vocal delivery creates a perfect picture in out minds on her creative process as she wrote her verse.

This is a must listen.