KENYA SAFARI (Travel Experiment)

The third chapter of their own “Travel Experiment” format that reached great numbers with “Alo Bucarest” episode, presents a music mix between hip hop, afrobeat and synth pop and draws inspiration from a trip in the heart of Africa, its contradictions and conflicts.

A plunge into the marvelous and raw reality to ask ourselves what really poverty and hunger for progress are, where proves to be obvious the advance of concrete that devours hectares of Savannah forcing animals in golden fences, while in Europe this topic is debated as ever

A journey through indescribable landscapes where people yearning for “better” life conditions leave their roots to mass in residential zones sometimes to escape towards more “desirable” destinations, at the cost of their own lives.
“I saw things that I can barely describe… but I glmpse a glimmer of hope to survive”. 
The previous episodes set in Marseilles and Bucharest gained a great feedback from media and audience. Alo Bucharest indeed reached an half billion views appearing on several national and international news and magazines.