Jemedari Shares His Love For Hiphop In Exclusive Interview

He is one of the most consistent hard working hiphop artistes we have in Kenya, 64hiphop caught up with Jemedari, who has resurfaced back to the music industry, and this is his story.You have been off the radar for a while, tell us what you have been cooking.

Real music happens around real life.

Yes, I had to take a step back and realign some plans and vision I had for the music. This was also time for me to start establishing a family and seek a more stable existence. I’m back now and I assure you, it’s going to be an exciting year.

Your latest singles ‘row your boat’ and ‘Betty’ featuring Abbih Nguma are making good strides, what was the inspiration behind the two songs singles.

For row your boat, I spent a lot of time around kids in my neighborhood and most of my friends also have children. This was the perfect chance to create something educational and deep woven within the very simple nursery rhyme that is Row Your Boat. The idea was to keep the song as simple and catchy as possible. I also worked with the amazing Bengatronics collective on the song and the recording process was a whole new experience. I live for experimentation!

Betty, which is a song by Abbih Nguma was a way to create new, fresh vibes within the mainstream circuit. Abbih is a very established vocalist and performer and it helps that we are also very good friends. The ideas was for each of us to think outside our comfort zones and I’m sure when Betty drops, it will be a great tune in all ways.

As a kenyan hiphop artist, what is your take on #playkemusic? do you believe it is taking its course?

Yes, #PLayKEMusic is important and it has taken created some good conversations around Kenyan content and what Kenyan content is all about. We have made great music throughout the history of the industry and the structures within our environment should be geared towards pushing that content to its maximum potential. This should also include ensuring that the creators get value for their work.

We still have a long way to go in terms of policy but so far, we are on the right path. Slow but steady

What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments and pieces in your career?

Meeting E-Sir hours before his death was a very impactful memory for me. It made me want to get to his level of influence. As I grew up in the game, I moved towns, worked with major producers, did some amazing shows and now even to a point of creating my own sound signature. I would say every single achievement is a lesson and defining career moment.

As a hiphop artist, who is your greatest fan?

The interested ear. The person who takes time to find their own music and research outside of radio and mainstream media. That to me is the ideal fan.

Which Kenyan or international act do you admire, in short who are your musical influences?

I’m big on new ideas and approaches and as far as that is concerned, I’m with Ryan Leslie and Kanye. As far as consistency is concerned, I stick with most of the old school cats. I can’t say I have a fav artist, but I do have favorite sounds.

How can you describe your music to people?

I form the bridge between the old boom bop sound and the new hype sound. I’m also the bridge between cultural music and fresh innovative new sound. I perform a connecting role with my art and I can comfortably call myself a Fusion Hiphop artist.

What image do you think your hiphop music conveys?

Afro – Futurism. If Daudi Kabaka listened to me today and if a child listened to me today, they would all find something to relate with. Real life African experiences weaved into sound

As Jemedari, What are your future immediate plans and music career goals?

I have about 5 more albums in me and lots of live performances. The future is for innovation and the music will change gradually. I’m also very keen on getting into media and creating platforms for anyone who seeks a different content path.

Drop your contact and music links. fans awaiting to connect.

I’m on all platforms as @MrJemedari. Guys can also get my stuff on YouTube and SoundCloud