Introducing Mayhem

Prxject Mayhem is a duo that follows hip-hop’s traditional DJ | emcee formula.

The pair is made up DJ/ producer 5mute(dB), alongside rapper/ vocalist Melly Mel (also of S.A.’s rap trio The Assembly).

The first musical project to come from the collaborators is aptly titled ‘Introducing Mayhem EP’.
This project is 12m34s of undisturbed conceptual hip-hop, that feels complete when the audio journey is at its end.

This project precedes a self-titled LP, Prxject Mayhem, coming from the pair in the near future.

@The_deciBel | @MellyMelMusic
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released August 10, 2018
1. Record Store (01:33)
2. Take My Time (01:32)
3. Narcos (01:32)
4. Onto The Next (01:32)
5. Stop It Already (01:32)
6. The Dreamers (01:32)
7. Megaphone (01:32)
8. I’ve Got Faith (Have Faith) (01:32)

Total Runtime: (12:34)

All Music produced by 5mute(dB) of Sound Pulse Odyssey Productions
All Lyrics were written by Melly Mel of Smokey Planet Productions
Vocals Arranged, Recorded & Mixed by Melly Mel
Additional Vocals by Dudu Mphuthi
Project Mixed by 5mute(dB)
Mastered by Zephbeats of Zephbeats Studios