The Internet vs. Streets; Which Way Forward

“All these rappers are funny. Put your music in the streets and stop being a lil b***h on Facebook. Be a real mc,” those are statements echoed according to Kenyan Hiphop News. Statistics indicate that a vast majority of Kenyan musicians are more into the internet marketing as opposed to street marketing thus targeting directly to fans.

This trend; however seems to go in line with a few who make the final cut to mainstream media. Still, new and upcoming artists struggle their way to the top without proper machinery to steer up. As an artist progresses his career, there is need to turn his passion into profit. This way the artist is left to choose whether to use the internet, or go direct to the street, seek music stores and distribution entities to sell his music.

Each of the ways has its own pros and cons. When using the internet, there is wide choice of geographical location and ability to capture your fans irrespective of their location. The internet spreads like wild fire, and if a song is good then people will automatically embrace it.  With the advent of social media tools, the artist has the ability to go viral. On the other hand, when marketing your music in the streets, you have a wide choice of capturing the local audience and selling your music through local stores, or directly to fans. One has also the ability to get invited to local shows to promote his music.

One thing with selling via the streets is that you have to know your audience well, and the type of music they will embrace to fit the market as well. In the US market, rappers have adopted the distribution method and have proven to work.

The overall objective is how good the artist will achieve from using the above methods. Either could work for them. What are needed are clear goals in mind and working through the set goals. So to all Kenyan rappers, there is nothing to lose when choosing the right mode for distributing your music. Take advantage of it, but remember to do good music!!!