Hiphop Knowledge: KP

Kepron Emmanuel Mushi also famously known as KP was born in Arusha Tanzania. KP is a musician who is a rapper and singer. He does mostly Zouk music but he can also do other genre of music. KP was brought up by a hardworking single mother and two elder sisters after his father passed away.

KP attended his nursery school in Moshi town in Tanzania at St. Dorcas Academy then transferred to many other schools. He did part of his primary schooling in Kenya from class one to five. In Kenya, he first went to Taita Academy then later moved to Green Garden School in Kikuyu and then moved back to Tanzania.

KP knew that he loved Music when he was still very young. He had a crew back then when he was 8 years old. With some of his friends they composed some songs to be performed at a new year’s party but they never got a chance. He then stopped doing music until 2005, when he was in class 6. At that time, he got to know of Lil Wayne with the track “Make it Rain” which he did with Fat Joe.

He started reading every word of the lyrics of this song and with time he found himself writing his own verses while in class. He stopped writing notes and used the different subjects’ books to write his music. That became his behavior. Days went by and he joined high school. He had not recorded any of his music by then. This made him very frustrated especially after seeing some of his friends record their music. After high school KP joined Daystar University, in Kenya

In 2015, one of his best friends who happened to be an upcoming Tanzanian rapper known as NAJA who has collaborated with BEN POL in the track PATA PESA asked him questions like,” Do you want to be a musician?”, “what is the reason that is keeping you from recording?” and these questions got him into thinking a lot.

Finally, in 2016 he started recording a mix tape called TUSUA which is not complete yet.  The mix tape contains two songs for now and that is “Tusua” and “Smile One Day”. His music engineer was Anthony Wasonga from 1984 Studios Kenya. He posted them on YouTube and were received well by his fans. Thereafter in April that same year he got a request from an upcoming gospel musician from Kenya “Adi-fete”, who listened to his mix tape and decided to do a collaboration with him. This is how he got featured in the song “TREASURE” which was recorded by one of the best hip-hop gospel producer in Kenya, Othole Mukama at Ndani Ya Nyumba production. The video was done by Coded_Ben also a student from Daystar with his Brand BIGDEAL FAMILY MEDIA HOUSE.

KP also does covers of different music and this is only because of his love for music. He has done “Mad Over You” by the Ghana Musician Runtown. KP is now working on doing the cover of FIA by Davido and many others, which is being produced by TRUE BEATS MUSIC, a label is where he is currently signed in. He also has a lot of unreleased singles and collaborations that are to be released soon.

Besides music, KP is also a good basketball player. KP is single and spends most of his time with his friends, fighting to make his music career better. He listens to all genre of music as long as it is good music. KP believes in God and music is his life.