Hiphop Knowledge – Kitu Sewer

“Kitu Sewer the poet formerly known as K-Swiss is a veteran lyricist, hip-hop artist and poet. Originally rapping under a two-man outfit Mashifta formed in the early 2000s. G Wiji and Kitu Sewer released a number of hit tracks including Pesa Pombe Siasa na Wanawake, System ya Majambazi, the latter being an underground hit. Their first Album was titled “Mashifta classics” released in 2004. Unfortunately this was their only album. The two artists went solo in *2005.

Kitu Sewer kept at it and soon after released a hit single Kushika Mic, and subsequently featuring in Abbas Kubaff’s Si Hisaa(Siasa) ft. Kitu Sewer and Mchizi Gaza’s Maria ft. Kitu Sewer hit single released in 2007. Kitu Sewer has collaborated with other heavy-weight artists such as Moroko Kalahari, MC Mutant and Frank Mteule just to name a few. His music is largley conscious imparting street-wisdom to the youth, highlighting the wanton greed, ever growing ills of a materialitic society. He has worked many of such artists from the Ukoo Flani MAUMAU cartel. His most recent colloration with Frank Mteule in the song “Wanasiasa” released in 2013.” c/o

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