Hiphop Knowledge – Don Low

Don Low is a Rapper and a songwriter based in Luska Zambia. His real name is Sepo Mwendoi, born on the 07 July 1996 . He is one of the most creative upcoming artists in Zambia. Don Low had a passion for music from childhood, rapping from the age of 15 he began battling in cyphers at Luangwa Secondary School and began writing his own songs and recorded his first song in 2010 .

After completing secondary school in 2015 he took his musical career seriously, perfecting his style and crafting the hit song “Awesome God” with super producer Exit and signing to Q Wise Enter10ment. “Awesome God” exploded onto the music scene getting massive airplays on radio followed by the hit song “Haters” produced by Dj Vryo. Don Low has worked with a number of notable Up Coming artists like Hizo Fiver, Hype Line ,M56, Jay Swon, C.i.a, Jay B and Traffic to name a few. His goal is to continue making good music and amazing the fans with his creativity.