Frequently Answered Questions

1. Is this website free?
Absolutely! This website is totally free for all visitors. You can listen, stream to and download* any music anytime, for free.

2. How do I submit my songs?
If you would like to submit a song for our consideration, email us at and we’ll try our best to preview it. We receive a lot of music daily, so we don’t always get the opportunity to listen to all of it.
Please make sure to submit your tracks in a format we can preview first (.mp3). Music not submitted in this way, will NOT get heard. If we do feature your mixtape, you’ll hear from us.

3. What does it take to be a registered Artist?
You can request to fill out the registration form and also read our terms and conditions.

4. Are the counters updated in real-time?
The counters, such as number of hits or total visitors, are updated regularly throughout the day in order to maintain the performance and availability of the website.

5. I uploaded my mixtape or song, and it’s no longer in my playlist. Where did it go?
64HIPHOP strictly abides by digital copyright regulations. If your song or mixtape has been removed, it’s likely that we’ve been asked to remove it due to copyright violation.
If you believe your song or mixtape has been removed in error, please contact us at

6. What are the prices to feature a mixtape/song?
We do not charge to featured mixtapes or singles on 64HIPHOP, we select music based on quality, sound, and appeal.
If you would like to discuss other sponsored artist opportunities, please contact us.

7. How do I upload a video?
Uploading videos is only allowed by site administrators.
If you would like to discuss other sponsored artist opportunities, please contact us.

8. How can I get my song rated on the home page?
We have a user polling rating application that tracks votes according to fans choice for the whole week. Fans are able to vote for the top trending songs of the week and decide which one takes the top spot.

9. Is it legal to download music from 64HIPHOP?
All the content posted by administrators on 64HIPHOP is legal to download for free. If the material is copyrighted, we disable the download link.