Foul Play! Artistes Complain Over MCSK Recent Kshs. 2500 Pay

MCSK has been on the news lately for not so many good reasons. The recent payment of monthly artist’s allowances just rattled some feathers within the music industry, with some artistes complaining of lack of transparency during the payment of the royalties.

A screenshot of the MPESA message from MCSK is shown below

In a Standard Media article dated January 4th 2016, MCSK lamented concerning owing artistes 3.6 billion shillings; monies that they were unable to remit because their accounts were frozen.

Now that MCSK was chosen by KECOBO in place of MPAKE to keep collecting royalties, are the accounts still frozen? If so, why? If not, where is the money that was frozen in those accounts four years and some later?

We understand that the 2500 shs is general distribution money that only covers a period of 2 months since the licence was handed over to MCSK 4 months ago. We also understand that that is money which will be paid after every three months.

We also understand that that there is a difference between general distribution and scientific distribution and that scientific distribution will commence in 3 months time and depending on an artiste’s and a song’s popularity, this is what will determine who gets millions, who gets thousands and who gets zero. (Hope this is clear for those who do not attend class).

Question is: will this scientific distribution include money that was frozen in that account payable as arrears or not?
Where is that 3.6 billion?
When are artistes getting it and who is in charge of it?
Is that money in that account?
Isn’t it common sense that before collecting more music monies the debts owed to artistes should have been settled first?

If these are the kinds of questions you do not have answers to, it is about time to become more aggressive with your career and demanding more accountability from the said CMOs. It is time to visit these offices, attend meetings and participate in what goes on and be a part of the general process that serves as a conduit for your monies. Basically work on your brand so that you can position yourself to earn big as you keep your eyes on the money trail.

Shine your eyes oh. This is Kenya and the systems here serve the ruthless, the monied and the connected for the most part. If you ain’t monied or connected the least you can do is be ruthless with your career and not just on social media but on the ground as well. These CMOs need to be kept on toes. Only the artistes can do that.

*** post contributed partly courtesy of MC Sharon.

64hiphop staff

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