D’iyi Are Drops “Bambino”, Revealing an Unadulterated, Mature Angle to His Music

Hip Hop Artist D’iyi Are hit us with a taste of what to expect from him musically, when he dropped his single “Bambino” on September 15th, 2017. The track, is a taste of the raw expression found in his music. Bambino, which is a prelude to D’iyi’s second EP, serves as a strong re-introduction to the artist’s fresh and confident take that was made known when his debut EP released February 2017. Continuing to work at his craft, the new single reflects D’iyi’s growth and comfortability with his own style and artistry as well as additional flare to the hip hop genre. The self written and self produced track only shows his readiness to pour himself into his art.

About the Artist: D’iyi Robert Are is a Nigerian born, Kenyan based artist and producer currently studying at Daystar University, who has been drawn to storytelling through music for years. Falling in love with music and starting the art of rap at the young age of 12, his skill has grown into a full expression of  the world and how he sees it. His biggest inspiration comes from his upbringing, his family members(including his older brother, a fellow producer who opened up the idea of producing and writing to him) and his experiences. His Hip Hop/Rap/Soul infused style sets the stage for a musical catalyst bringing back the art of storytelling in the arena of young music.  Having spent years producing his own tracks as well as writing his lyrics, D’iyi’s sophistication grows daily and his growth can be seen through his work on “Bambino” and in his debut EP “Young Heart” linked here https://jaydaare.bandcamp.com/.