C Burn Portrays The Perfect Love Story On ‘Ewurama’

The video accompanying C Burn’s single ‘Ewurama’, does ultimate justice in bringing the song to life. The narrative based video directed by C Burn, follows him and his lady (played by an Ivorian model, Ms. Kamate) as they unfold their love story on how they met and what transpired on their first as well as second dates.

The video also highlights decency and cordial friendships which we hardly see in the modern era of dating. C Burn and Ms. Kamate kept it simple and friendly on each day of their encounter. The video also serves as a message to the youth as in, it is good to take it slow when you meet someone that you like; walking, talking and learning more about each other are very vital in the genesis of a relationship.

Watching C Burn and Ms. Kamate hang out at the Coney Island theme park and the beach highlight encompass both the humble and simple beginnings of relationships. The video ends with a message that is sure to get viewers thinking.