Boys Got Fire, Meet 2254 The Colony

Kevin Ondiko Olonde, executive producer and CEO at Resoundz Media Studios, Machakos

2254 the colony is a musical duo with TY KIL and SDR as its members,

Straight outta Dallas (Miwani) a sub-urban ghetto in the outskirts of Machakos Town currently working with Resoundz Media Studios.

The duo came to be back in 2014 with an aim of representing Machakos Town and taking over the Kenyan Music industry. From humble backgrounds, with a dream and no inspiration. Music for the duo is a way out.

with  four singles out, which are now on their social sites, this group is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon and their fans are already dubbing them the future of Kenyan music.

Although the group cannot boast of been specialists in a specific genre they have shown dynamicity and talent in their work, this is so because they have been able to inter-relate between genres. An earlier release from 2254 (FREE), a single, has a pop taste contrary to there earlier releases (TRUMP) and( MUNDU WAKWA) which are of trap/hiphop/rap genres.

They have recently released another hip hop banger/trap (J I N A M I Z I), which is currently doing well on YouTube.

The future looks bright for the upcoming group and Kenyan Music Industry in general, with plans of more releases, major collabos and even an album from the gang.