B Green –  BIG MONEY

“BIG MONEY” is an inspiring and audacious ode to the finer things in life. With both Hip-Hop and Caribbean influences, the 808’s in “BIG MONEY” melt into the sample while B Green tells a tale of ascension. B Green is a singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist from Oklahoma City, OK living in Atlanta, GA. With this new single B Green hopes to single himself out amongst the pack of up and coming lyricists with catchy melodies and simple hooks. Find “BIG MONEY” and the rest of B Green’s music at www.BGreenGoGreen.com.


Green symbolizes youth, hope, and most of all growth.  Alternative hip-hop emcee B Green’s government surname is synonymous to his approach to music. Growing up in Oklahoma City, B Green was the embodiment of the blended cultures and backgrounds that surrounded him. B Green’s artistry took on the form of his past influences, from his poetry to his love of the guitar.

After years of cultivating his craft, B Green is excited about sharing his upcoming project Go Green 3 with the world. “I don’t want to disrespect the project by calling it a mix-tape or an EP, but we’re giving it away for free. It’s more like a movement.” In addition to doing promo tours around the southeast, B Green will be dropping a single “Christopher Columbus” leading up to major album release.

Although he knows it wont be an easy journey, he welcomes the criticism, “If people don’t have an opinion, they don’t know you exist.”  Eventually everything goes through change and growth happens.  Eventually it all turns Green.

64hiphop staff

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