Alekey – Sofia

“Sofia is a romantic song based on a fictional lady called Sofia of whom I have fallen in love with but seem reluctant to reciprocate the love. The intention of the song is to perfectly create a picture of daily love occurrences, that would at the same time fill the hearts of listeners with passion of true love. This song has a Spanish feel, and an up tempo reggaetón beats but also foot-tapping makes you want to break into a dance.

The song is produced by Chacha Rich from Urban Scorch Studio and video directed by Nezzoh Monts.

About Alekey Marshal

Alekey Marshal (Alex Ochieng Awinda) was born in August 1993 in Kisumu town, Kenya. Where he was raised and where he started singing. In High School he started writing his own lyrics. This made that he was chosen to represent his High school in an exchange program called Tujuane, championing for climate change through music, in Gloucester in UK.

At the age of 18 he records his first song titled siku ya kiama at Tamusana Records owned by renowned producer Jacky B. This gave him recognition and lead him to work with Holy Dave on a song called Future Generation…. Shortly after, he performed at an event called JulianiNa3Concert where he was the main opening act for Juliani. He managed to steal the attention of not only the crowd but also Media personalities which would then land him interviews both on Tv and radio, performing in more events……….

In 2017 Alekey Marshal was concentrating on writing and recording songs. This shows in the song he records in July, a reggae song called Give Thanks, that even got a reaction of Bob Marley’s daughter. But the song was missing the power Alekey Marshal had in mind for it.

In September he released the song Real friends with a big message about friendship. Alekey Marshal gets his inspiration out of personal experience and things he sees in the society and combines this with his own view on things.

Through his music Alekey Marshal wants to address issues to the people that matter.

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