Album Review: The Masterpiece Album #IAMJULIANI

#IAMJULIANI is a rallying call to all Juliani fans. His message is, you are Juliani as much as he is. You have been with him since the beginning, going to his shows, loving and learning his lyrics, giving him the life he needs to keep going. He is inviting you to grow with him for the next 10 years and longer.

The Juliani Community is a space for fans to consume music and exclusive content, enjoy awesome discounts on Juliani merchandise and affiliated brands, and to eventually earn money. Juliani Hela (JHela) is the currency that allows you to buy on the platform. It is a whole new world that you must be a part of.


The most epic album launch is around the corner. Juliani has designed a 4-day experience where he relives his previous albums, appreciating the past that got him here and finally celebrating the future that is to come with the new album, The Masterpiece. He is inviting you, his fans, friends and supporters who have been there since the beginning to go into the future with him!


Juliani’s debut album, Mtaa Mentality, introduced him to the masses as Kenya’s foremost lyricist. Released in 2008 and featuring legends like Eric Wainaina and Kanjii Mbugua, it was the big game changer. Finally, the dream was looking possible. He was performing internationally, he was on TV, most importantly, he was making sales! It did not start out as an easy ride, but he stayed the course and the first pay off was all the love Mtaa Mentality received.


The second album, Pulpit Kwa Street, was released in 2011. It was Juliani’s first album after being signed at Gatwick Records. At this point, he was labelled “an important voice of our time”. His message was one of religious, social and political emancipation for us, Kenyans. The album launched in style, with Juliani closing down City Hall Way and electrifying the CBD with his performances. During that period of time, Juliani was the highest corporate-endorsed artist in the country. Balling!


Juliani says three is a testament to standing on his own two feet. Exponential Potential was about becoming who one is destined to be, allowing yourself to go through the process and prepare to fully experience the opportunities that come your way. Out in 2014, he made 7 music videos at once and released one every month.


The Masterpiece, launching on April 21, 2018 is both an appreciation of the past and a look into the future. Here, Juliani is going back to his original self. Even with all the progress and moving forward, Juliani wants us to not forget about being deeply human. He is more mature, not just a rapper but a full on artist. Better lyrics, more feelings, more probing questions.


Juliani will be featuring some of the most promising musicians of our time today.

RASH– Kenya’s favourite rock band whose music has been topping the XFM charts week after week after week this year.

Jemedari– Rapper and hip hop artist behind the famous Suits and Mics events.

Ngartia– Storyteller who transported us to other worlds with the Too Early for Birds event series

Teardrops– Rapper turned poet and spoken word artist

Qui Qarre– Poet and spoken word artist who won the popular vote online when Juliani called for artist suggestions. Go go go!

DHC’s Finest, June Wangari, Spontaneous Ray and Kendi Nkonge.