64HIPHOP Says No To Xenophobia In Africa

We preach peace, love, and unity using the extraordinary power that music has bestowed upon us. We are Africans and should live as one. Let us spread the goodness of Africa.

64HIPHOP says no to all forms of hate on any human. Kindly help share this message from 64HIPHOP.

“Lack of Education, Preventable Diseases, and Extreme Poverty are the Enemies of Africa”

64HIPHOP is extremely saddened by occurrences of barbaric xenophobic attacks on other Africans living in some parts of South Africa as widely reported in the media since Monday, September 2.

The International Committee also unequivocally condemns the reverberating reprisal attacks in some countries in Africa such as Nigeria and Zambia. The scourge of xenophobia in its entirety is a cancerous threat to Africa’s unity, peaceful co-existence and economic growth that 64HIPHOP is known to have championed for years through the instrumentality of culture and music.

“While we view these unfortunate attacks and counter-attacks on fellow Africans as by-products of anti-poor policies of most successive governments in Africa which create huge inequalities and lack of opportunities for millions of young people on the continent, Africans should note that the myriads of common problems of joblessness, diseases, hunger, lack of quality education, extreme poverty, homelessness and lack of access to finance are the true enemies of Africa that can only be defeated only if there is a united, collaborative and peaceful Africa”.

64hiphop staff

Music is Love