12 Things You Need To Know About American Rapper Leon The God

64hiphop caught up with New Orleans rapper Leon The God, here are 12 things you need to know about him.


1] I started making music back in 2009 once my grandfather died of cancer. My grandfather was the only person I could talk and vent too. Losing him had to be the hardest, yet most important time of my life. Growing up fatherless, I was forced too grow and learn a lot of things on my own. My uncles were also big influences in my musical career. I spent countless days and nights locked up in the studio as they recorded and made music for hours.I  recalled playing with my first beat machine at the age of 10. I even danced on staged as they performed a few shows as a child. i feel as if these early expierences have prepared me for the situations I’m in today.

2] I strive too teach  and heal with my music. Music is very powerful; Almost Brainwashing. Instead of feeding irrelevance into your subconscious, I rather speak substance, relevance and truth. I usually touch topics that artist are scared too talk about. There’s more too life than partying, drugs, degrading women and money. I want too show the masses that we can learn and have fun at the same time. I want too show the masses that we can come together as a community flourish and become even more stringer than we were by ourselves,

3] Receiving love and support from  my creations and live performances still have too be one of the best feelings ever. It’s a honor too be supported and appreciated in such a competitive industry. Hip hop especially; There’s a lot of artists in this world, too gain the liking of the masses is almost confirmation that i’m on the right track doing whatI’m supposed to do. At the end of the day, I make music for the people, so their opinions mean a lot too me.

4] The music scene in my city of New Orleans,Louisiana is most def. on the rise! We have a lot of talent in New Orleans; most of time we go unnoticed, but we have raw, natural born artists. Ego is a big dilemma/ factor in my city. Instead of coming together, its more of a competition too the top. I feel this is the only reason cities like Atlanta New York, and Los Angeles have us beat; We’re just as talented, if not more but the New Orleans mentality of not trusting/dealing with a lot of people are causing my people too miss a lot of opportunities They’ll learn one day. Honestly this doesn’t affect my music because I’m aware of the things that need too be done in order too achieve the heights that i have planned.I naturally speak , think and live truth ; so it’Ss literally second nature for me too write about it.

5]  I am very picky when it comes to Production honestly. I don’t technically have a specific beat style or preference, it jus  has too hit and resonate with my soul. Usually, I find it difficult too vibe with producers . This forced me into learning how to produce my own instrumentation . i  Now make at least 95 percent of my orchestrations. Haven’t met a producer that can better compose my style as I can ,  i look at Producing is another art form, just as Emceeing ; So often times , I spend hours perfecting , curating the perfect canvas too paint on.

6] Before starting a new piece, i gather thoughts by writing ideas, and potential plots and schemes. Most of my projects and art pieces come from Everyday life experiences or thoughts that literally just come too mind. I always keep a pen and pad near me too write down thoughts; these are gifts from the most highs; I feel as if these topics would never have come to me if I werent ’t Supposed to build on them. A blueprint, mapping out thoughts and ideas is how I began any art piece or project.

7] I’m a firm believer in Divine Action. I don’t believe in coincidences, With that being said, Every topic that comes too my brain is meant too be spoken on. 9 times of 10 my ideas fall out of the sky. Seeing different situations also give me ideas and scenarios on topics. I often try and build on relevant topics, Topics the masses need too hear about.  I  usually do as much research that is required for me too overstated it enough To break it down , artistically for my people to overspend.. n I wouldn’t speak about things I know nothing about; so some subjects need more research than others.

8] Promotion is vital. An necessity that no artist can live without in today’s industry. I think the uprising of more promotional agencies can be a gift and a curse. A gift, because us artiste have more pools and more ways too reach different markets.  the uprising of agencies can also bring a uprising of fake, money hungry summers. Scammers would do anything for a dollar. and a hungry, driven person would do anything for success.  Again, I’m too focused too let this alter my choice of music or music in general. I’ve identified my market audience; As long as there’s a market, there’s people to promote. I encourage Journalistic freedom. A smart artist would agree because nowadays us artists fill a whole bunch of shoes.I’m a producer,emcee,booking agent, manager and PR rep all at the same time. My writing skills make these jibs a little easier. (keyword LITTLE)

9] The role of music, in the creative process will depend solely on the creator. I can’t speak for all, but my role is the heal, her save the nation. With that being said, I will always strive too Educate and Entertain in a way that;ll make you want too learn. Others, can’t say the same. Most artists are just in the game for the money. I genuinely have a love for helping people. Music ins a universal platform that  i have access to  to potentially see the world

10]  Again this depends on the artist. And f he’s a real artist or a con making music just for money.  IA feel music should be subjective too teach the masses. Our children look up to artist more than  other type of being in most cases. You wouldn’t want your child too have murder, drugs, killing and sex in their subconscious. Instead, they should hear about healthy lifestyles, building relationships with people, learning and knowing rights. Our generation today is lost and that has a big part too do with the subject matter of our music today.

11] Great music is perceived as great music, bad music is perved as trash. Substance is perched as truth and irrelevance is irrelevant. The type music one listen to can change one’s perception on music This solo depends on the individual tho.

12.]  For booking, press, or  instrumentation inquiry  email  leonthegod33(at)gmail(dot)com ; Also Follow my Twitter / instagram @LeontheG_  for  all updates on music, merch and touring. My website is www.leonthegod.us. where you can check out music.  Shoutout too my label VENOMOUS HAMSTER Inc. [venomoushamster.us]